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  • Create single- & multi-issue test builds for iOS & Android
  • Create in-house "ad hoc" builds for iOS
  • Preview on your tablet or phone with the free Twixl Viewer app
  • Share your publication with an internal or external contact

Twixl Publisher 4.2 - Five components

Publish for mobile

1. Twixl Publisher plug-in for InDesign on Windows & OS X

You'll create your complete interactive publication in the same familiar environment..The design, the content and the enriched elements are all brought together in Adobe InDesign.

Supports InDesign CC2015/CC2014/CC/CS6

2. Twixl Publisher app for OS X

The Twixl Publisher application allows you to build the apps, and converts the InDesign export into a ready-to-go iOS and/or Android app, either tablet only, phone only or universal.

Use the exported InDesign content to preview or to create an "Ad Hoc" build to install on your iOS or Android device outside of the App Store.

Publications exported with the trial edition will display a short 'Created with Twixl Publisher' message when opening the publication.

Download Twixl Publisher
4.2.2 (20910) for Mac

Download free trial

Download Twixl Publisher
4.2.2 (20910) for Windows

Download free trial

3. Twixl Viewer app

The free Twixl Viewer app for iOS and Android allows a designer to send a preview of a publication from the InDesign plug-in or the OS X app to a tablet or phone on the local Wifi network.

Using Twixl Publisher's sharing feature, a designer can also share a publication with a client, a colleague, ideal for proofing purposes.

Appstore Playstore

4. Twixl Reader

The Twixl Reader is embedded in every app and allows the app to interpret the files that have been exported from InDesign

Twixl content exported from InDesign will generate a package with the extension ".publication" or ".article", Twixl’s open format for digital publications.

5. Twixl Distribution Platform

If you want to test a Twixl Publisher multi-issue app, you can apply for a free trial account on the Twixl Distribution Platform. The trial also allows you to test in-app purchase and subscription features.

Register for a trial account

Your test account will be valid for 2 months. In case you need a bit more time for testing, just let us know.

The Twixl Distribution Platform Pro Pack features (Entitlements & categories) are disbled by default but can be activated upon request.

Next steps

Getting started Example files Release notes Beta release Older versions

Getting started

To make it easy for you to get started with Twixl Publisher, you may want to check out our documentation. Our video tutorials may also be helpful.

In case you have any further questions or you encounter any issues, we recommend to use our support portal. The ticketing system makes follow up easier both for for yourself and for our support team. After a simple registration you can send both private as well as public support messages.  

We also invite you to contact our local resellers and certified trainers who can help you get started with our products and can demonstrate how to become really productive with them.

Example files

Those files will enable you to understand how all our interactive features work.

Those are InDesign files with all the different features we support

Beta release

Currently no beta releases are available.

Older versions

Find here the downloads for the older Twixl Publisher editions.

  • Twixl Publisher 4.2.1 (20249) for mac and win
  • Twixl Publisher 4.2 (19795) for mac and win
  • Twixl Publisher 4.1.9 (20391) for mac and win
  • Twixl Publisher 4.0.10 (17070) for mac and win
  • Twixl Publisher 3.7.7 (14958) for mac and win

Find a local partner

Twixl Publisher is distributed via a channel network of local partners, Resellers as well as Certified Trainers, who sell, support and customize our solutions. 
Don't hesitate to get in touch with them, they speak your language and understand your local business better than anyone else.

Check out which partner can help you

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