TruEdit is a cloud-based solution for teams to structure production and management of projects for web, phone, tablet, and print. Team members that use TruEdit can work side-by-side on projects and track the status of their tasks anytime or anywhere.

Part of TruEdit is TruAuthor, a HTML authoring tool for creative teams to produce rich HTML content that can be published for all screen sizes.

TruAuthor saves businesses time and money by allowing team members with no coding experience to produce pages of interactive content through a simple drag-drop interface. HTML templates can be created and saved, allowing teams to quickly style pages for future editions.

As content is built and revised in TruAuthor, the layout remains responsive, so it always presents well on different devices. The layout is always ready to be viewed on desktops, phones, and tablets.

Content created for mobile with TruAuthor can be integrated with Twixl Publisher. TruAuthor provides an output channel for Twixl Publisher apps. This way any article can be pushed to an app that is published on the Twixl Distribution Platform. Articles can be published immediately in your app or can be made available for publication at a later date.

In order to allow TruAuthor to output to Twixl Publisher, you will need to activate the optional “Integration API”. 

For more info you can take a look at the recording of the webinar we had introducing TruAuthor for HTML authoring or visit the TrueEdit website.


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