Twixl Distribution Platform

The Twixl Distribution Platform combines different cloud-based services that manage the distribution of your publications and manage who gets to download which issues. In addition, it also lets you communicate with your subscriber base by means of push notifications. The content management system lets you set up multiple apps, and manage the issues in those apps.
Apps can contain free content, in-app purchase content (per issue), and/or content offered as part of a subscription.

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The cloud-based CMS will manage the storage of the issues and determine which issue(s) are going to be available to users that make a particular purchase.
The Twixl Distribution Platform also interacts with the App Store developer portals (iTunes Connect — for iOS apps, or Google Play Developer Console — for Android apps) to get detailed info about the content in the app. This makes sure that for every purchase via the store, the Twixl Distribution Platform will let the user download the correct issue(s).

Platform downloads are automatically optimized for the device, so that an iPad retina will only get the retina content, and a ‘standard’ iPad only the normal resolution version (the same goes for 7” and 10” for Android devices, or for phones).

Multi-issue apps also support publishing PDF files, in addition to Twixl's own enriched .publication files. Both file types can even be combined in the same multi-issue app. 

Push notifications allow you to send a notification message to all existing readers of your app when you are publishing a new issue. 

The Twixl Distribution Platform uses the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure optimal download speeds from any location around the world.  

Anyone can register for a free 60-day trial account on the Twixl Distribution Platform, and create a test build of a multi-issue app.

Pro Pack Two storage options

Twixl Distribution Platform Pro Pack

This feature provides the option to connect your publications to a subscriber or user database.
It allows you to determine who gets access to which publications in your app (restricted access or entitlement). It also provides the option of using categories in your kiosk apps.


Frequently publishers may want to provide print subscribers of a publication with free access to otherwise paid content in an app.

Publishers can also offer their content to a specific audience and so increase the value proposition and advertising value of their publication. Obvious segmentation criteria are e.g. regional content, language-specific content, etc.

Other entitlement options allow the use of e.g. an access key or a promo code to claim free access to a particular publication.


The special "Users & Groups" entitlement option is targeted at companies that deploy apps in-house either by distributing an app internally using Apple's Developer Enterprise Program, or by publishing an app on the App Store with "restricted access".

Some publications are only meant to target a closed group, e.g. medical publications, reseller information, etc. Using entitlement allows a company to publish to specific target groups without making the content available to the public. Only entitled users that the company has defined will be allowed access.

Different groups can be defined so that each group may have access to different publications.


The Twixl Distribution Platform provides built-in support for a number of specific use cases for entitlements, but integration with an custom (external) entitlement server is also possible. In most cases, integrating direct entitlement will require some custom development to provide for the connection between the Twixl Distribution Platform and the publisher’s database of users/subscribers.

Technical documentation about how to integrate entitlements is available here.

Subscribers to Twixl Publisher One or Unlimited Multi can add the "Pro Pack" to their yearly plan.


The categories feature lets publishers divide their content in multi-issue (kiosk) apps into different sections. Each publication can be assigned to one or more categories.

This feature is useful for publishers, but also for enterprise solutions.

Use cases for publishers are:

  • sort by Week edition vs. Weekend edition
  • sort by Year
  • sort by Topic

Use cases for the enterprise are:

  • sort by product
  • sort by application
  • sort by chapter (for catalogue-type publications)

Two storage options

We offer two Storage options to customers using the Twixl Distribution Platform.


The most convenient and default solution. Issues are stored on Twixl media servers (on Microsoft Windows Azure), and quick downloads are guaranteed as Twixl media uses the Akamai CDN network for content delivery. One stop shopping!

With the Twixl Publisher One Multi subscription you get 5.000 downloads and 25.000 push notifications per year.

With the Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi subscription you get 20.000 downloads and 100.000 push notifications per year.

Extra download credits are available for purchase in quantities of 1.000 downloads.


This is a solution targeted at publishers with higher download volumes. The app management and distribution is provided by the Twixl Distribution Platform.

But for storing the issues, the publisher can use his own storage account on Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, that will be tied to his account on the Twixl Distribution Platform. That way high-voume publishers can be a 100% in control of their download cost.

Subscribers to Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi who opt to use DIY storage get 1.000.000 transactions as part of their yearly subscription fee.

What are "transactions":

  • every request that the Twixl Distribution Platform receives for a download from the subscriber’s storage account
  • every push notification

Extra transaction credits are available in quantities of 100.000 transactions.


  • Extra download credits can be purchased at €0,0385 or $0.05 per download (in quantities of 1.000).
  • Extra transaction credits can be purchased for €0,0008 or $0.001 per transaction (in quantities of 100.000).
  • Credits are not limited to one app, and can be used for different apps on the same customer account.
  • Upfront online purchase and payment of bundles is required.
  • Credits are valid for one year, starting from the purchase date.
  • Open credits expire after one year.

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Contact us if you would like to also test the Pro Pack features or if you would need an extended test period.

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