Twixl Distribution Platform

The Twixl Distribution Platform combines different cloud-based services that manage the distribution of your content and manage who gets to download what. In addition, it also lets you communicate with your subscriber base by means of push notifications. You can set up multiple apps, and manage the articles and issues in those apps.
Apps can contain free content, in-app purchase content (per issue), and/or content offered as part of a subscription.

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The Twixl Distribution Platform is first and foremost a storage platform where you will store all the content you want to publish.
Articles, whether it’s InDesign, HTML or PDF content, can be uploaded manually and will be stored on the platform.
If you work with an external production workflow solution, then you’ll usually publish from within that solution, directly to your app on the platform.

The Twixl Distribution Platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers and uses the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure optimal download speeds from any location around the world.

Manage content

The Twixl Distribution Platform takes care of managing your mobile content. First you create your app on the Twixl Distribution Platform. Then, you define which articles, issues or collections will be published within that app.

The cloud-based environment lets you select which article(s) are going to be available via in-app purchase. The Twixl Distribution Platform then interacts with the App Store developer portals (iTunes Connect — for iOS apps, or Google Play Developer Console — for Android apps) to get detailed info about the content in the app. This makes sure that for every purchase via the store, the Twixl Distribution Platform will let the user download the correct content.

Entitlement is an extra paid option and offers both built-in entitlement / restricted access options as well as the ability to use an external entitlement server. So you will be able to determine who is entitled to get access to which content.



Twixl Publisher allows you to gather analytics information for your app.
One the one hand, there is built-in analytics support for all apps on the Twixl Distribution Platform.
On the other hand, it is possible to integrate Google Analytics or Localytics.

Twixl analytics are available on an app level, but also on an article and collection/issue level. They allow you to have a good understanding of how readers interact with your content.

Analytics data can also be exported as a .xls file or, using our API, you can even integrate with your CRM solution and automatically send analytics data to it.

Push notifications

You can send push notifications to all existing readers of your app, either when you are publishing new content or whenever you feel the need to get in touch with them.

The number of push notifications you can send is unlimited.

Using Localytics you can also send targeted push notifications, by identifying a subset of your readers depending on certain selection criteria. 


Anyone can register for a free 60-day trial account on the Twixl Distribution Platform, and create a test build of a content app.

Entitlement pack Integration API Automated Content Sources Bandwidth

Entitlement Pack

This pack is available as an option for Twixl Publisher One, Four or Unlimited apps.
We offer both built-in entitlement options as well as the ability to integrate with your own entitlement server. 

This feature provides the option to connect your publications to a subscriber or user database.
It allows you to determine who gets access to which publications in your app (restricted access or entitlement). 

Built-in entitlement options are:

  • Print subscribers
  • Users (& Groups) with restricted access
  • Access key
  • Promo code

Entitlement in app store apps

Frequently publishers may want to provide print subscribers of a publication with free access to otherwise paid content in an app.

Publishers can also offer their content to a specific audience and so increase the value proposition and advertising value of their publication. Obvious segmentation criteria are e.g. regional content, language-specific content, etc.

Other entitlement options allow the use of e.g. an access key or a promo code to claim free access to a particular publication.

Entitlement in in-house apps

The special "Users & Groups" entitlement option is targeted at companies that deploy apps in-house either by distributing an app internally using Apple's Developer Enterprise Program, or by publishing an app on the App Store with "restricted access".

Some publications are only meant to target a closed group, e.g. medical publications, reseller information, etc. Using entitlement allows a company to publish to specific target groups without making the content available to the public. Only entitled users that the company has defined will be allowed access.

Different groups can be defined so that each group may have access to different publications.

Custom entitlement server

The Twixl Distribution Platform provides built-in support for a number of specific use cases for entitlements, but integration with an custom (external) entitlement server is also possible. In most cases, integrating direct entitlement will require some custom development to provide for the connection between the Twixl Distribution Platform and the publisher’s database of users/subscribers.

Technical documentation about how to integrate entitlements is available here.

Integration API

Twixl Publisher lets you integrate with different solutions for automated production flows and so lets you push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform and into your app.

The “Integration API” option allows you to integrate with a number of solutions that we support out of the box, but using that same API, basically any type of CMS could be setup to push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform. Some custom development or help from your local integrator may be required to achieve this.

The CMS solutions that we support are:

Canvasflow / TruEdit / vjoon K4 / WoodWing Enterprise & Inception

This pack is available as an extra paid option.

Automated Content Sources

”Automated Content Sources” are also an extra paid option that lets you pull content from RSS feeds, YouTube channels and Vimeo Channels in your app. This gives you the ability to enhance your app in a very easy yet valuable way.


Every multi-issue subscription (One, Four or Unlimited Apps) includes access to the Twixl Distribution Platform.
Every account includes a bandwidth volume volume per year.

  • One app: 2 TB
  • Four apps: 8 TB
  • Unlimited apps: 20 TB

With every subscription renewal, you’ll get the same bandwidth volume again.

Article-based publishing is very bandwidth friendly because the reader only downloads what he reads, which is often not all of the available content.
Using this approach, the bandwidth volume we offer is sufficient for about 95% of our customers.
But in case you run out of bandwidth, we will inform you in time. You’ll receive a warning  when 75%, 90% and 100% of your volume has been used.
You can then purchase extra bandwidth as required at the price of 750 € / 850 $ per 5 TB.

Extra purchased bandwidth remains valid as long as you have an active subscription for Twixl Publisher. So gif you don’t use it all during the year, you’ll be able to still use it in the next year.

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