Twixl Publisher 5.5
Twixl Publisher 5.5

Smart publishing solutions for an engaging reader experience

  • Publish InDesign, HTML and PDF content to native apps and to your web site
  • Customize and manage your interface
  • Publish article and issue-based content
  • Publish to the app stores, in-house and to the web

Twixl Publisher is an all in one solution. It lets you create your content with your trusted creation and layout tools, define your app interface, build your native app and distribute your content in the app stores or in-house.

Easy to use, unlimited, flexible and affordable!

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Download the free trial of Twixl Publisher

Download the free trial of Twixl Publisher

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Discover what article-based publishing has to offer

Article-based publishing brings new features and capabilities in different areas. It excels at giving your readers the extra value that mobile is expected to bring to your content and puts the publisher in control.

Article-based publishing brings:

  • HTML content in addition to InDesign-based and PDF content
  • Enhanced content presentation options
  • An increased flexibility and speed of publishing
  • The ability to publish all your content to your web site at the same time
  • Automated production workflow capabilities
  • Easy app and content updates
  • Readers get fast access to the content
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Discover what article-based publishing has to offer
Twixl Distribution Platform

Twixl Distribution Platform

All our services available from one platform.

The Twixl Distribution Platform is the heart of our solution and lets you manage different parameters for your app. With this cloud-based platform you can create and update the interface of your app, store, sell and distribute your content; manage who can get access to your content and analyze the performance of your app. It is fully server-driven so any change you make on the platform is reflected in your app on the fly, without the need to update the app itself.

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