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Twixl Publisher allows you to produce content apps for tablets, phones and the web fully independently - from designing to publishing in the app stores, in a private environment or in a browser.

It is an all in one solution to create and enrich your content; to build your app and to distribute your content.

Easy to use, unlimited, flexible and affordable!

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Twixl Publisher 4.2 is now available!

What's new:

  • Streamlined interactive options in the plug-in
  • Extended nested interactivity options in slide shows & scrollable content
  • New monetizing features in the kiosk: easily put a specific issue in the spotlight
  • Native PDF support for Android multi-issue apps
  • Subscriptions for Google Play
  • Support for Localytics analytics
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Twixl Distribution Platform

Twixl Distribution Platform

To publish multi-issue apps in the app stores you need a system to both manage and store the different issues in your apps. The Twixl Distribution Platform is a cloud-based system to manage and store content for multi-issue app store apps and iOS Enterprise apps created with Twixl Publisher. Subscribers for Twixl Publisher One or Unlimited Multi automatically get access to the Twixl Distribution Platform.

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Twixl Reader SDK

Twixl Reader SDK

The Twixl Reader SDK is native Twixl code (for developers: a ‘static library’) that you can embed in your own custom app. You get the heart of our technology to use in your app. Our Reader SDK enables you to read and display .publication files (our own interactive publishing file format) within your own app.

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