Introducing Twixl Publisher 6

Luk Dhondt 15-03-2018 News

Bringing your app experience to the web

We just released Twixl Publisher 6.

The Browser Client

The main feature of this release is the introduction of the “Browser Client”.

The browser client lets you offer the full article-based app experience in web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, …), thus providing a third publishing platform, in addition to iOS and Android.

Create your content once and publish it to your native apps and to your web site in one go.

The browser client lets you bring the full article-based app experience to the web:

  • All your content, including your browse pages
  • All interactivity
  • Instant content updates for both the apps and the browser version
  • Support for entitlement is built-in
  • Optional 'custom domain' lets you access the browser client from a URL of your choice, like

What else is new in Twixl Publisher 6 ?

  • Redesign of the PDF reading experience on iOS
  • Much improved PDF rendering on iOS
  • Many bug fixes regarding download storage in issue-based apps on iOS
  • Better status bar appearance on modern Android devices
  • Bug fixes for iPhone X
  • A plethora of bug fixes, big and small
  • Improved, anonymized crash logging
  • Improved support options (link a support ticket) in the Twixl Viewer Classic and Twixl App Reviewer. 

Download it here

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