Twixl Publisher 3.3 beta: lots of new stuff ...

Luk Dhondt 13-06-2013 News

We're pleased to announce the availability of the first beta of Twixl Publisher 3.3.

Although it may look like this is a small incremental update, there's actually lots of new stuff in this release:
  • Social Sharing (via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter)
  • Search & Bookmarks
  • New Table of Contents Viewer (to replace thumbnail viewer)
  • Support for Widgets in the plugin - YouTube/Vimeo & Google Maps widgets
  • Complete UI overhaul for the Enterprise Kiosk Server
  • Major speed improvements in the Enterprise Kiosk Server
  • Improved error reporting in the Twixl Publisher Mac application
Screenshot_13_06_13_16_54 You can get started with this new version today.

Twixl Publisher 3.3 is available for download for Mac or Windows.

Important note:
It is not recommend to use beta versions of our product to create apps that will be published in the App Store(s). This beta build will expire on July 15th.

We appreciate your feedback.

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