Finanz Informatik is the IT service provider of the Savings Banks Finance Group, one of the largest savings and loans institutions in Germany and Europe. Their customers include 422 savings banks, 8 federal state banks and DekaBank, 10 state home loan banks as well as various other companies within the Savings Banks Finance Group and the financial service sector.

Finanz Informatik provides a full range of IT services, including the development and implementation of IT solutions, networks and technical infrastructure as well as data processing centers, consulting, training and support.

The ITmagazin is a business-to-business customer publication with a focus on IT solutions and services for finance business. Every quarter they publish a new issue.

This app is article-based and uses content created in InDesign. They made a choice to use a classic kiosk interface, which is logical for a customer magazine. This illustrates how a publisher can use the advantages of an article-based app but still have a traditional approach towards introducing its content.

The layout is clean, articles are lightly enriched and the enrichments are really adding value to the content without disturbing the reader or being too complex. They are using a handy navigation bar and have a clever approach to long articles where they use a page by page approach. Certain pages of an article fit the screen and other pages are long pages. This is actually dividing an article in sections in an intuitive way.

Type of application

Multi-issue, article-based with classic kiosk approach, Customer magazine




Article-based app, tablet only

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