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Twixl Publisher allows you to:

  • Create apps for tablets and phones fully independently
  • Go from designing to publishing in the app stores or in-house
  • Start from different types of content
  • Setup automated production workflows

It is a solution for content creation & presentation, app building and distribution.


Twixl Publisher plug-in for InDesign on Windows & OS X

You'll create your complete interactive publication in the same familiar environment.. The design, the content and the enriched elements are all brought together in Adobe InDesign.

Supports any version of InDesign since CS6.

Twixl Publisher plug-in for InDesign on Windows & OS X

Twixl Publisher app for OS X

The Twixl Publisher application allows you to build the apps for iOS and/or Android, either for phones only, tablets only, or universal.

With the free trial you can:

  • Test all interactive features of the Twixl Publisher plug-in in InDesign
  • Preview your work on your own tablet or phone
  • Share your work with a client or colleague
  • Create a multi-issue test build for iOS & Android
Twixl Publisher app for OS X

Twixl Viewer Classic

The free Twixl Viewer Classic for iOS and Android allows a designer to send a preview of an InDesign article or publication to a tablet or phone on the local Wifi network.

Using Twixl Publisher's sharing feature, a designer can also share an article or publication with a client, a colleague, ideal for proofing purposes.

Twixl App Reviewer

While Twixl Viewer Classic lets you preview InDesign content only, the Twixl App Reviewer provides the ability to review the complete interface of your app and the different browse pages, in addition to the InDesign, HTML or PDF based articles in the app.

Extra “App Reviewer” users can be added to your Twixl Distribution Platform account, so you can allow your clients, colleagues to provide feedback.

Twixl Distribution Platform

The Twixl Distribution Platform is a cloud-based system to manage and store content for multi-issue (kiosk) apps created with Twixl Publisher and to connect with your CMS and/or different automated content sources.

It manages a number of services such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, push notifications, entitlements, analytics, etc.

Twixl Distribution Platform
Twixl Distribution Platform

Twixl Distribution Platform

All our services available from one platform.

The Twixl Distribution Platform is the heart of our solution and lets you manage different parameters for your app. With this cloud-based platform you can create and update the interface of your app, store, sell and distribute your content; manage who can get access to your content and analyze the performance of your app. It is fully server-driven so any change you make on the platform is reflected in your app on the fly, without the need to update the app itself.

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