Twixl Publisher vs AEM Mobile

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Twixl offers an all-in-one platform to create native apps, manage your content and distribute it to your internal and external target groups.

You can create sales apps, catalog apps, customer magazine apps, internal communication apps, service manuals, kiosks, etc.

You can publish PDFs, InDesign- and HTML-based content.

You can integrate with any CMS or even with AEM.

You can publish both in-house and in the app stores.

With Twixl, our first priority is to keep it simple and offer you the space to bring your message across exactly the way you want to. We translate this into room for creativity, just create and publish instantly, manage access and monitor how users interact with your content if you need to.

Twixl and AEM Mobile are similar platforms in many aspects and most of the content can easily be converted. Twixl starts at a lower price point which will provide you the budget to convert your existing apps and later on to spend more efforts on the quality of your content and the way you introduce it to your users.

Twixl and AEM Mobile are of course also different in other aspects. Here are two articles that can help you understand how they compare and what to expect in terms of migrating to Twixl.

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4 Components

Twixl Publisher is a creative platform that enables you to create your own native apps and to instantly manage all the contents in the app.

1. Plug-in for Adobe InDesign

With this plug-in you can enrich your InDesign-based content.

2. The Twixl app

This free app store app lets you preview what you are creating in real time on your device, and lets you share it with others.

3. The macOS builder app

The macOS app creates the app builds for your native apps for iOS and Android. This can be a phone only, a tablet only or a universal app. It saves all your app settings to make it even easier to update your app.

4. Twixl Distribution platform

On the Twixl Distribution Platform you define and manage the interface of your app. You decide who has access to which content, you send push notifications and you monitor the usage of your app. But above all you publish your content, whether it’s HTML-based, InDesign-based, video or audio content or just a PDF.

Digital Publishing Platform

Create > Present > Build > Distribute

With Twixl you create your content using your preferred creation tools, you define the interface of your app and the navigation, you integrate the services you need, you build a native app and you get a platform to distribute your content worldwide, in the app stores or in-house.

  • Multiple content types

    Create responsive HTML-based content
    Integrate web services
    Create InDesign-based content and enrich it with our plugin
    Publish PDFs, images, movies, ...

    An app created with Twixl can contain different types of content items. You can publish HTML-based content, InDesign-based content enriched with our awesome plug-in, plain PDF content, images, and movies. In addition, you can also easily include any type of web content, whether online or embedded. This is often used to integrate services in the app. Content can be pushed from external content sources like a CMS or content can also be pulled from RSS feeds, so that every new article in the feed will automatically appear in the app. You can easily make changes to your app on the fly, and new content will always be available to your users instantly.

  • Multiple platforms

  • App interface

The beast behind the beauty

At Twixl, we give storytellers the tools to make mobile content look beautiful right out of the box – without knowing a line of code.

Here’s an overview of our main features:

Customizable user interface

With the advanced cell and grid layout features, you can create your app interface just the way you want to, and create a custom layout to guide the user through your app.

Multiple content sources

Create responsive HTML-based content, integrate web services, create InDesign-based content and enrich it with our plugin, publish PDFs, images, movies, integrate with a CMS or an HTML editor.


Lets you manage who can access which content, and for how long. This can be used to manage subscribers of a magazine but also allows companies to define access based on users and groups criteria.

Full offline mode

If you enable this feature for your app, all content of all collections will be downloaded completely at first startup. Every time a user returns to the app and he’s online, all new and/or updated content will be downloaded automatically.

Instant update

The configuration of your app is fully server-driven, so any platform change to your interface or your content is reflected in your app and on your web site on the fly.

Content segmentation

Using advanced scripting you can filter the content that’s displayed in the app, based on a number of properties like language, geolocation, categories, etc.