Enfocus Switch

Enfocus Switch

Twixl media is an integration partner for Enfocus Switch.
Twixl Publisher can be integrated in Switch 13 workflows.

For many publishers, automation is an important part of a smooth workflow. As many publishers are using Enfocus Switch to automate their production process, we are also providing configurators that allow integration with the Twixl Distribution Platform.

This configurator allows you to:

  • automatically upload of a zipped Twixl publication or a PDF file from a hot folder to the Twixl Distribution Platform
  • automatically generate WebReader versions of a Twixl publication
  • automatically optimize PDFs for tablet publishing, and subsequently upload it to the Twixl Distribution Platform

For more technical details, you can check this article    

The Enfocus Switch integration is available at no extra subscription cost for all multi-issue subscriptions.

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